Dulwich Cranbrook is best thought of as three schools in one. At every stage of a child’s education, we offer an inspiring, age-relevant and nurturing environment – combined with the resources, facilities, and community of something much larger.

We often talk about how our buildings ‘grow with the children’. By which we mean, at every stage of education we offer age-appropriate facilities designed to inspire, engage, and enrich school life.

And that is most certainly true. But a school is more than its buildings. While we do have wonderful facilities here, we believe that our best assets and most powerful ambassadors are our pupils.

At Dulwich Cranbrook, every child learns that they are an individual, but also an important part of something much larger than themselves.

We use this spirit of community to make the strength of all, the strength of each – instilling a sense of belonging, independence, and excitement about where they’ll go next.