At Dulwich Cranbrook, every child is furnished with the skills and confidence to develop and grow, empowering them to steer the course of their future.

Our vast and varied co-curricular programme gives every pupil the opportunity to discover their passions, find their strengths and personalise their week. It is a vital component of Dulwich life, in order to equip children with the skillset, confidence and drive to forge a future-ready path for themselves.

Our co-curricular programme has at its core, Art, Music, Drama and Sport but extends well beyond these into interest clubs, outdoor education and super-curricular activities.

Our pupils have access to the full range of specialist teaching across our vast co-curricular offer. Over half of our pupils play a musical instrument, our Advanced Artists are working at GCSE level by Year 8 and all our children learn to speak and perform in public as part of their Drama lessons.